The organization is made up of 40 people including operators, technicians and administrators. The various departments are spread over an area of 20.0000 square meters of which 8000 square meters are covered.

Since 2008, thanks to the launch of a new Carpentry department, we have been able to produce medium-large welded compounds up to a maximum load of 60,000 kg., normalized and painted in compliance with the most severe specifications. We are certified according to ISO 3834-2.
The company is able to process any type of mechanical product in any type of material, from common steels to stainless steels, up to special materials, such as Inconel and Duplex.

The main sectors with which we collaborate are the steel industry, presses sectors, machine tools and industrial machinery in general.
Our 50 years of experience and collaboration with the main companies in the various sectors, have allowed us to acquire a wealth of skills such as to guarantee complex mechanical processing quickly and with a high-quality level. The supply of turnkey products has relieved our customers of the burden of managing the stages of their products.

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New CSF lathe
25 April 2021

New CSF lathe